So, with summer coming up I had to prep myself with some amazing sunglasses right? I came across this site called GiantVintage and they have the most sunglasses I have ever seen in my entire life. I am SO in love! They have so many different trends to fit any fashion taste - definitely take a look!

The three pairs I got were:

They’re definitely amazing quality and they all have a really unique look to go with different looks! The aviators are even transitional, so if you want a pair of glasses to wear indoors they’re perfect! I would absolutely recommend this site to any sunglasses lovers. They add so much uniqueness to any look. The best part? All of the glasses on their site are 20 dollars or less!

If you guys are looking for outfit ideas, I’ll definitely have these in my summer ootds so look out for that! I think having one (or three!) pairs of sunglasses is completely essential for the summer time. They just give such a summery vibe and they protect your eyes from the sun. Need to keep out those UV rays. These all have UV protection by the way.
I would definitely take some time to go through the site to find a pair that best suits you. They even have measurements on the site so it’s easy to tell what would suit your face the best. Check them out here: GiantVintage
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