This is the new Anastasia set that’s being released in Spring 2013 - I hope you guys are super excited for this because this set is honestly incredible. You can order it online now at: It’s a value set as well, so you pay less for products that valued at a higher price.

Firstly - the brows. If any of you guys watch beauty gurus on youtube like I do, you’ll know that they tend to STRESS the importance of the brows a lot! Anastasia is super well known for their incredible brow products and this is no exception. The colours are easy to use and this set is incredible for defining those brows.

The second palette is for bold and beautiful eyes. The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is crazy - I wish I had taken a photo to show you guys, but just trust me it’s amazing. I love how it’s more of a natural palette, but the dark brown has tons of shimmer to amp up any look to any degree. The brushes that come with both of these sets are also amazing quality. 

These can be purchased online from or you can find Anastasia products at your local sephora.

If you would like me to do a product review, please message me here or email me at

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