These are some crazy high quality necklaces, not going to lie. Before I write my review however, I’m sorry the last photo is out of focus!

Jewelmint is a site that lets you take an online style quiz - and then matches up the best items for you! Check them out here:

Everything on the site is only 30 dollars a piece! EVEN BETTER I have a discount for you guys! Use this to get 2 pieces for 30 dollars (that’s like 200 dollars for 30). Click HERE:)

I am so incredibly impressed with the quality of this jewelry. The detail is so fine and so intricate that I can’t help but love these pieces. 

The first piece is actually my absolute FAVOURITE. It’s named the “Joan of Arc Necklace”. You can find it here. This statement necklace is actually gold-plated and has the design of mesh and chains. It can be dressed up or down I believe, I love pairing this with a simple chiffon top or collared blouse for school, or with pretty much any strapless or simple dress. It adds that little bit of extra fanciness that I adore.

The second pice is called the “Camelot Collar”. You can find it here. Collar necklaces have been so in trend lately, and this one is no exception. This chain maille necklace is extremely well made and I love pairing this with my knits. It’s more casual I believe, but it does make any outfit look more put together.

The final piece (out of focus - I know, but you can look at it on the site) is named the “High Noon Necklace” and can be found here. I was honestly so incredibly impressed with how well made this was! The detail is phenomenal and even the tassels themselves are extremely sturdy. I love this long necklace with more plain shirts. I actually wore this today with an oversized chambray shirt, a black tanktop, leggings, and combat boots. It’s that little extra that sort of puts the outfit together and balances it out.

Jewelmint is honestly such a FANTASTIC site and you won’t believe that amazing quality that it has until you buy something from there. These are PERFECT christmas presents so be sure to get yours early! Plus with the coupon code - buy one for a friend and keep one for yourself ;) 

Disclaimer: I was sent these products, but all opinions are entirely my own. 
If you would like me to do a product review, please message me here or email me at

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