This is the best curling wand I have ever tried. Hands down. I have pin straight asian hair that never, ever curls. But this has helped me make curls that last for SO long! This picture was actually taken at the end of day - I’ve had those curls for 8 hours.

Honestly I have 4 curling wands sitting somewhere in my room right now that have just never cut it for me. The curls just looked so extremely unnatural and the bumps they made in my hair looked ridiculous! It’s definitely better to invest in an extremely nice curling wand than 5 cheap ones - trust me, I know. 

This one is called the iStick by KQC, and its barrel is actually wider at the top and gets thinner around the bottom! This helps create really soft and natural looking waves - which is definitely my favourite hairstyle to wear as of right now. It honestly look so effortless and it works with any outfit (that I’ve worn anyways).

Only downside of this is the heat settings - there’s only 2. I usually use it on low because that’s enough for my hair, but it’s really not that big of an issue! It’s ceramic plated, so the damage to your hair is extremely minimal. Be sure to use a heat protectant!

This curling wand is SO easy to use and it honestly gives me perfect hair every time. I’m so pleased with this product and it’s definitely my favourite hair tool right now. It also comes with a heat resistant glove so you don’t burn yourself. Definitely needed for a klutz like me LOL. :)

You actually save 41 dollars if you buy it from here: so check it out! They’re also having this extended cyber monday sale that ends TODAY! If you get this curling wand you’ll also be getting 80 dollars worth of extra items. 

Disclaimer: I was sent these products, but all opinions are entirely my own. 
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